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Refurbishment Services

The Company, with nearly 50 years experience in Hard Chrome plating, has developed a refurbishing service in Mud Motor Rotor and associated downhole oilfield equipment repair.

The process takes the used 'unusable rotor' and transforms it into a 'like new' component for a fraction of the full replacement cost.

On receipt of the used rotor we inspect and remove the damaged chrome deposit, carry out the necessary remedial work, re-polish the base rotor and re-plate it with a micro crack chrome finish to a hardness of Rockwell C 65-70 either to its original dimensions or the customer specific requirement, then finish to a high polish surface.

Our capacity ranges from the smallest 'tight radius' equipment up to the largest of the 'performance' Mud Motor Rotors available.

Our plant has a large capacity, 8500mm deep, Hard Chrome Plating facility. Our facilities extend beyond rotor refurbishment, to other engineered components which are subject to wear and/or corrosive conditions within both the oil & gas and engineering industries.

Temporary Import/Export Requirements.

The following details apply to Mud Motor Rotors. If your requirement is for another type of equipment, you will need to provide the detail (including Commodity Codes) so that we can obtain UK Customs authority to Import.


When sending Rotors, direct to us, the process is, as follows -

  1. You fax 1 copy and send via courier post 2 original Pro-Forma Invoices, for Import purposes, detailing the Rotor sizes, Serial Numbers, and estimated value (usually G.B. Sterling or U.S. Dollars).
  2. You post or fax 1 copy of your official order, indicating the process required.
  3. You send the Rotors, by Road, Air or Sea, to us.
  4. When the work is complete, we fax you our Pro-Forma Invoice, for Export purposes, detailing the Rotor sizes, serial numbers, and estimated value (to match your Pro-Forma details). We send 2 copies of our Pro-Forma Invoices by courier, to enable you to release the goods at Port on arrival.
  5. Our Shipping Agents will send you a Bill of Lading or Airway Bill if applicable.
  6. We will send you an official Invoice for Payment. This will include all the Import and Export clearances and shipping charges if applicable.
  7. You will need to include the following details:

    VAT Registration number:   GB 161 379 601

    Authorisation number:          IP/0902/849/16   

     Commodity Code:                 8412-9040

We will require your full Shipping and Invoicing Address, also any relevant contact names and numbers. Please find the name and address of our shipping agents on our contact page.

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